Due Diligence

Good due diligence gives you the reassurance of knowing that you have identified and considered all the key risks and their implications before you make significant decisions.

Wbg can offer a full range of services from pre-deal through to post transaction support. Our due diligence professionals have a reputation for their depth of knowledge. They work closely with clients to understand the main drivers behind the deal and to identify associated risks, in order to design work to meet the needs of all interested parties. 

The scope of our due diligence procedures are always tailored to the deal in question, but are likely to include:

  • Investigation of potential targets for acquisition or merger by using a wide range of financial and business information sources, providing an analysis of underlying historic performance, cash flow, assets and liabilities;
  • Analysis of all the key areas which can impact the value and viability of the target, including assessment of the target’s market position and future prospects;
  • Identifying potential issues prior to sale so these can be addressed by the vendor, reducing the risk of value erosion through purchase price adjustments;
  • Identification of key integration considerations, including those associated with underlying financial systems and controls; and,
  • Analysis of the company’s tax position.

At Wbg we know that agreeing the right price is only part of the process. Where appropriate, our reporting will also include a critical assessment of the strategic plan, management forecasts and ongoing working capital requirements. We work with you to ensure that value is retained throughout and after the transaction.