Loreburn Housing Association

Scott Gillon, our engagement partner, is very knowledgeable on the sector and can support us through any problems we may have. Scott has an excellent relationship with the Executive team at Loreburn and also the Management Committee. They value his input to the business. The audit team is also very well experienced in this area. I have a fantastic working relationship with the Audit Manager. She is always very responsive in meeting any requests I have and is genuinely easy person to get along with. Having been in audit prior to moving to Loreburn I can honestly say I think the fee charged is great value for money. We are in Dumfries and they travel down at least 4 times a year for the pre audit meeting, close out meeting, audit and compliance meeting and the AGM. This is all included within the fee as the fieldwork (5 days) and additional work completed back at the office. I know coming from the firm I previously worked for we would not be able to provide such a quality of service for the fee they charge.