Luton Sixth Form College

We have worked with Wbg for over three years, during this time they have provided internal audit services for financial areas and specialisation non-financial audits as we required, including ILR, Website and IT Infrastructure audits.

At Luton Sixth Form College cost is always important and Wbg as a member of the CPC Consortia have provided competitive quotes for services.

Wbg have an excellent understanding of the FE Education Sector, as evidenced by their Sector benchmarking and summaries of good practice. The reports they produce are concise and informative, always giving a balanced and fair view. 

Having worked with Wbg throughout Covid, we appreciate their flexibility in achieving varying timescales and varying audit scope requirements.

The Senior Leadership Team and the Governing body have found the feedback from the team at Wbg to be thorough, informative, and very helpful in understanding potential changes on the horizon for the FE sector.